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May 2024   Performances of "נכס, צאן, ברזל" / "Iron, Sheep, Property" by Michal Samama @Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre

Michal Samama's performance "Iron, Sheep, Property" uses dance, theater, music and texts from the Even Shoshan Dictionary to deconstruct and reconstruct concepts of property, ownership, capital, and class. I served as advisor for acoustics, vocals and text.

Repeat performances in Suzanne Dellal Centre will take place in May.

michal samama.jpg

Interdisciplinary performance created by a collective of seven women artists questioning the possibilities of motherhood in their lives. Using text, theatre, dance, music and sound art, the work explores and challenges the expression of maternity in the European-christian tradition. Loosely based on Vivaldi's "Stabat Mater".

With Lola Giouse (acting, texts), Kinda Gozo (dance, choreography), Marie Lippe (voice, guitar, arrangements), Hadas Pe'ery (composition, electronics), Zoéline Simone (voice, acting), Anne-Sophie Subilia (texts)

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