"The Secret Lives of Electromagnetic Transducers sounds like nothing else this season.  Hadas Pe’ery worked with a host of musicians to perform duets between the organic and the electronic, then added some poetry to guarantee a uniqueness of tone (Elli, September 10)
––– A closer Listen

The Secret Lives of Electromagnetic Transducers is a collaborative, large-scale, multi-disciplinary electronic work. It's a work that's tailored for and created with the musicians and changes from performance to performance. The lovely people at Elli Records have remastered the live recording of the premiere and are putting it out on an LP. 
Release on Sept. 10, 2019. Preorder

sept. 2019   premiere of "The Aesthetics of Impending Catastrophe"  @ Kontakte 2019, Akademie der Künste Berlin

Premiere performance of my new work for 24-channel live-electronics and mechanical instruments

sept. 2019   SEGMOD album release event @ km28 Berlin

Segmod is a non-standard sound synthesis that embraces the discrete nature of digital sound. Along with 15 other artists, I composed an electronic work (The Spectre of Fibbonacism) using Segmod for Dumpf Edition's album, released in April 2019. The release event in Berlin will include performances by composers who participated in the album.

sept. 2019   performance of "L'Avenir Semble Interdit" @ Rem Museum Mannheim by the International Ensemble Modern Academy

The International Ensemble Modern Academy will perform my work for alto flute, prepared piano, viola and contrabass in Mannheim.