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apr. 2023   premiere of new work commissioned and performed by Ensemble Musica Nova @Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem

A New Work for trumpet, voice, accordion, contrabass, constructed instruments, objects and electronics, composed in collaboration with the the musicians of Ensemble Musica Nova.

Performances on April 27 & 29 in Tel Aviv and Haifa

ensemble musica nova.png
Jan.-Feb. 2023   Performances of "נכס, צאן, ברזל" / "Iron, Sheep, Property" by Michal Samama @Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Michal Samama's performance "Iron, Sheep, Property" uses dance, theater, music and texts from the Even Shoshan Dictionary to deconstruct and reconstruct concepts of property, ownership, capital, and class. I served as advisor for acoustics, vocals and text.

Performances throughout January and February as part of the exhibition Imagine a Museum (or: the Remembering Body)

michal samama.jpg
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