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//  Life Herself explores the relationship between the body, sound, space and technology, while questioning the power dynamics between the different elements of the work. Throughout the piece, the dancer moves between soundscapes, between zones of security and instability, as her relationship with the technology – which both controls and empowers her – evolves. As the work develops, empty words make way to reveal her reality: a cynical, senseless system in which she must find her role. 


//  wireless motion sensors that transform movement to sound were constructed especially for this work, using arduino, max/msp, bluetooth and I2C components


//  conceived & performed by

choreography + dance Netta_Weiser;

composition + live_elx Hadas_Pe'ery;


version 2.0 @ Antidisciplinaire.Vidya.UsineKugler(Geneva.2016);

//  commissioned & produced by

HaTeiva Vidya_Ensemble;



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