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*/ A concert series for experimental electronic music, 

making use of acoustic and electronic instruments,

objects, unconventional sounds and

anything that makes noise. /*

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This is What Happens When You Play with Electricity began operating in 2016 with the goal of introducing new audiences to experimental, electro-acoustic music. The series aims to promote women and non-binary composers, as well as provide opportunities for local, young talented composers/performers with a passion for electro-acoustic music.

Our concerts take place at HaTeiva concert hall in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, where we have access to the hall's excellent sound and lighting equipment, grand pianos, and rehearsal space. 

This is What Happens When You Play with Electricity is curated by Hadas Pe'ery and operates thanks to HaTeiva's wonderful staff:

Dan Yuhas - artistic director

Daniel Sarid - managing director

Dani Williamson - lights, stage and video editing

David Louria- sound

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