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//  Das Heer is a presentation of counter-positions to Wagner's Ring cycle, featuring condensed (30-min long) versions of each of the 4 operas of the Ring and focusing on female characters. It was produced by the Akademie der Künste Berlin in the scope of the project: Wagner 2013 Künstler Positionena retrospective on Wagner's life and work in the year of his 200th birthday.


//  following Margo Zalite's fantastic reworking of Die Walküre, I composed a dramatic soundscape, combining  reorchestrated and electronically-treated sections of Wagner's score with original electro-acoustic music (sometimes based on leitmotifs).

//  the performance took place in at the Akademie der Künste Berlin, in a glass hallway with gardens on either side. Using electromagnetic tactile transducers and a special selection of microphones, we turned the hallway into a room-sized music box, in which the audience could move amongst the musicians and self-playing objects, as sound was diffused through the glass walls. The singers and choir performed outdoors in the gardens (in Berlin, in January, in the snow!), addressing the audience through the glass walls and amplified throughout the space.



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//  directed & conceived by

Margo Zalite;

//  set design, costumes, etc.

set = Franziska_Schuster;

costumes = (Franziska_Schuster, Juan of a Kind, Himo/Emilie Hamadi);

//  performed by

singers = (soprano.Leah_Trommenschlager, Baritone.Thomas_Stimmel, Baritone.Michael_Zehe);

Musicians = (b_clarinet.Miri_Saadon, percussion.Alexandros_Giovanos, contrabass.Matan_Gurevitz,


scream_choir = (Felix_Ameseder, Andra_Born, Kathryn_Fischer, Christoph Fortmann, Bernd_Guthmann,

Katharina_Nagel, Patrick Niemann, Susanne Schulz, Conny_Soest, Vera_Jane_Schwenk);

sound = Christian Schweiger;

@ Akademie_der_Künste(Berlin.2013)

// commissioned & produced by 

Akademie_der_Künste_Berlin + Universität_der_Künste_Berlin; 



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