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//  La Danse Fait-Elle du Bruit ?  is the product of a collaboration with choreographer Loïc Touzé and five dancers (listed below), produced and facilitated by Ircam (France) and Charleroi Danse (Belgium).

//  La Danse Fait-Elle du Bruit ?  was composed for amplified bassoon, 8-channel electronics and 5 dancers with motion sensors. The structure, which makes use of precise sounds and gestures yet is variable in length and changes from performance to performance, was conceived together with Loïc Touzé.

the sound world of La Danse Fait-Elle du Bruit ? comprises three auditory layers {

Layer1 = 8-channel electronics composed from close-mic recordings of material composed for bassoon;

    spatialisation programmed specifically for centre pompidou's sound system;

    sound develops throughout the piece independently from performers;

Layer2 = bassoon playing guided improvisation on pre-composed material;

    amplified + spatialised live = (seen but not heard || heard disproportionately close + loud);

    sound develops in real-time as a reaction to events on stage;

Layer3 = dancers with sensors installed on hands

    sounds sampled from bassoon are generated as a function of dancers touching each other;




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//  choreography


//  performed by

dancers = (Brian_Campbell, Ondine_Cloez, Madeleine_Fournier, David_Marques, Teresa_Silva);

bassoon = Brice_Martin;

sound = (engineer_rim.Xavier_Meeus, rim.Benoit_Meudic, engineer.Arnaud_De_La_Celle;)

@ Centre_Pompidou.Manifeste_Festival (Paris.2014)

// produced by 

ircam + Charleroi_Danse; 



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