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This very moment I am learning to write : // fire and electricity  // without errors. // and this very moment, fire seizes the writing table // 

and the electricity in the room // goes out. // To the light of the burning table // I learn to describe  // the fire // and to touch the electricity.

Were it not for the word enveloped // in a black shawl, // I wouldn't say a thing // about the signed word // in the sealed envelope.

When the word will turn to body // and the body will open its mouth // and speak the word from which it was // formed – // I will embrace this body // and lay it to sleep alongside me.

i covered the word // with a blanket // and said: // good // night. //

 and the good was bad // and the night was an abstract drawing // on the blanket // and the word shall never fall asleep.

Madame Bonjour’s smelling salts // saved the planet // from eternal unconsciousness. // So claims Madame // Bonjour // at every cocktail party // 

organized by the Israeli embassy // in Paris. // I don’t know French // and Madame Bonjour // doesn’t know Hebrew. // Therefore, it goes without saying, that without the help of a blessed translator // I will never know // whether she is a liar // or whether she speaks the truth.

when i will cease to speak hebrew // the table will say: pa-pa // and the father will strike the table // with his fist // and ask: where is my son?

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// commissioned by 


//  premiered by

Lunatics_At_Large {

ens =(soprano.Katherine_Daine, flute.Jon_Engels, clarinet.Ben_Ringer, piano.Carol_minor, 

violin.Arthur_Moeller, viola.Jen_Herman, cello.Andrea_Lee);


wmp concert hall(NYC.2012);



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